Free Enterprise, Energy, and Infrastructure Task Force

Objective: The objective of the Free Enterprise, Energy, and Infrastructure Task Force is to reduce the burden that government places on the private sector economy by repealing unnecessary regulations and restrictions on the free market, while ensuring that the state’s workforce and its critical energy, electric, transportation, and water infrastructure are able to sustain future growth.

Topics: Occupational licensing, state regulation (and federal impact on state regulation), transportation infrastructure and funding, water infrastructure and markets, state and federal oil and gas regulation, state and federal utility sector regulations, and workforce development.

Overview: The Task Force will work with four key principles in mind:

1. Increasing economic freedom and competitiveness by repealing or preventing unnecessary government regulations.

2. Ensuring that where government regulation is necessary that it is predictable and treats all competitors equally.

3. Assuring that Texas has transportation and water infrastructure that is capable of sustaining future economic growth.

4. Rebuffing federal overregulation when it threatens the economic competitiveness of Texas, particularly in the energy sector.

Specifically, the Task Force will revisit previous legislative recommendations related to deregulation of automobile sales, alcoholic beverage sales, and the state’s title insurance marketplace. The Task Force will advocate for continued occupational licensing reform and will explore proposals to roll back unnecessary governmental regulations across the Texas economy, from short-term rentals to environmental permitting.

The Task Force will also develop recommendations related to funding for transportation infrastructure projects, and will maintain a focus on ensuring that Texas’ energy and utility sectors can continue to drive the state’s economic growth. The Task Force will also build on TCCRI’s previous work related to water markets and water infrastructure, including a review of the current status of the State Water Plan and the projects funded by the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT). Finally, the Task Force will address issues pertaining to workforce development and community colleges, with a focus on ensuring that employers have access to a skilled workforce that they need to keep the Texas economy growing.