Constitutional Freedoms Task Force

Objective: The objective of the Constitutional Freedoms Force is to identify areas in which constitutional freedoms are threatened, and to address those threats.

Topics: Free speech on college campus, due process on college campus, civil asset forfeiture, religious freedom, the right to life.

Overview: The Constitutional Freedoms Task Force will explore areas in which constitutional guarantees are not being treated as such.

? Free Speech – Freedom of speech on college campuses is in peril, and other states have explored legislation to ensure that the free exchange of ideas continues to be encouraged as it has in the past.

? Due Process – Adjudication of sexual assault on college campuses has threatened the due process rights of many students. Though this process was largely facilitated by the Obama Administration’s “Dear Colleague” guidance on sexual assault—which the Trump Administration recently rescinded—these policies remain in place and the Legislature should explore codifying a policy that emphasizes due process for both the accuser and the accused, but also encourages referral of criminal activities like sexual assault to proper law enforcement.

? Property Rights and Due Process – The Task Force will also study the seizure of private property through the practice of civil asset forfeiture. Reforms may include changes to the burden of proof in an “innocent owner” defense as well as outright elimination of civil asset forfeiture and strengthening of criminal asset forfeiture.

? Protecting Life – The Task force will continue its work in its efforts to protect the lives of the unborn.

? Religious Liberty – The Task Force will also identify areas in which religious liberty is threatened.