Criminal Justice & Public Safety

Criminal Justice & Public Safety

Chairman: Representative Geanie Morrison.

Objectives: Creating a safe environment for all Texans is the primary goal of the TCCRI Criminal Justice and Border Security Task Force.

Topics: Border security, spillover crime, anti-drug and cartel policies, voter ID, sanctuary cities, human trafficking.

Overview: The Criminal Justice and Public Safety Task Force will review the state’s role in securing the Texas’ international border, including how the state and local law enforcement agencies can continue to address cross-border crime in Texas communities while facilitating legal border crossings and cross border trade.

The Task Force will take a broad approach to the border security issue by discussing statewide policies that could be enacted to reduce the incentives to cross the border illegally, evaluate the impact of the new resources devoted by the 84th Legislature to the Department of Public Safety for border security operations, and continue to highlight the failure of the federal government to secure the border.

Recognizing that voter ID and election integrity are also criminal justice issues whenever vote fraud is successfully perpetrated, the Task Force will also review the Veasey et al. v. Abbott decision and its implications for Texas’ voter ID law. The Task Force will discuss and develop proposals to ensure that the integrity of the electoral process in Texas is not compromised by this decision.