The objectives of the Health Care Task Force are to continue to resist implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and its proposed expansion of Medicaid, while working to ensure that the Texas Medicaid program is run as efficiently as possible and creating a strong free market for health care in Texas. 


PPACA is front and center in Texas, as it is in the rest of the nation. The 83rd Legislature wisely rejected Medicaid expansion and imposed state-level controls on PPACA navigators. However, PPACA remains a heavy burden on the state and national economies with its numerous taxes and regulations. The Health Care Task Force will study ways to minimize the damage caused by these taxes and promote strategies for their repeal.

The Task Force will also review ways to protect and improve upon government programs that work well, such as Medicare Part D, which is modeled on free market principles, and Medicaid Managed Care, which has delivered substantial cost and quality improvements for the state. In addition to issues surrounding PPACA, Medicare Part D, and Medicaid, the Task Force will explore issues such as Telemedicine, convenient care clinics, and consumer-driven health care as it looks for ways to improve the quality and accessibility of health care in Texas.