The objective of the Energy Task Force is to ensure that Texas continues the safe development of its natural resources. As the nation’s largest energy-producing state, the energy sector is the backbone of Texas’ economy – we must continue to resist overreaching federal environmental regulations while ensuring that state-level regulation is as light-handed as possible while protecting the environment.


To retain our status as a leading energy sector state, Texas must continue to pursue pro-growth policies that will allow the energy sector to thrive. The Energy Task Force will return to the question of how the state can create an environment in which technological innovation thrives, supplanting the need for heavy-handed environmental regulation. The dual objectives of state policy makers must be to facilitate economic growth while also protecting the environment. Texas already has a strong record in this regard, but continues to face challenges related to federal regulatory intrusion, environmentalist alarmism over technological innovations such as hydraulic fracturing, and smart meters.

The Task Force will also consider how free market approaches to the management of our natural resources can be expanded. In particular, the Energy Task Force will study the need for a comprehensive, free market state policy toward water resource management. This will be instrumental for the expansion of existing power generation facilities or new power generation facilities, which Texas will have to develop to meet growing energy demands. The free market should also be fully brought to bear in the retail electric sector, by expanding competition to Austin and San Antonio.