State Budget Task Force

The 2011-12 State Budget Task Force will continue the work of the 2009-10 Task Force, which delivered a final report to the Legislature detailing more than $21 billion in general revenue reductions. Many of the long-term reforms recommended in the report can still be enacted in order to save the state money going forward (such as a stricter state constitutional spending limit, improved line-item veto authority, reduced state debt, and ending spending diversions), while further discussion of general revenue line items is warranted in light of the future budget challenges that the state will face.

Reviewing the performance measures utilized by budget writers and the Legislative Budget Board will also be critical to ensuring that future state budgets spend the state’s resources as effectively as possible. The Task Force will also study the impact of federal funds on the state budget, with a particular emphasis on what declining Medicaid contributions from the federal government will mean for Texas’ budget.