Self-Governance Task Force

Building on recent efforts by conservatives to underscore the importance of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, the Self-Governance Task Force will study ways in which Texas can continue to chart its own path by pushing back against an overreaching federal government. The Health Care Compact passed during the 2011 legislative session is a significant step toward self-governance within the federal health care system, while other legislative efforts to request a federal balanced budget amendment and to affirm Texas’ rights under the Tenth Amendment underscore Texans’ desire for further self-governance.

The Task Force will review actions that the state can take to resist federal overreach and to work with other states to strengthen our nation’s federal system of government. A health care compact is just the beginning of the actions that states can take together to control their own future: environmental policy, education policy, and transportation issues are just three areas in which states can push back against overzealous federal regulation and mandates. The Task Force will also work to provide input to state agencies such as the Health and Human Services Commission, as they draft waiver requests to the federal government pursuant to measures enacted by the 82nd Legislature.