Public Sector Reform

Public Sector Reform Task Force

In the long term, public sector pay, benefits, and retirement costs are a ticking time bomb that will eventually undermine the state’s sound economic footing. Despite having the 45th-lowest number of state government employees per capita in the nation, and a reputation for small, efficient government, Texas spends a relatively high proportion of its state budget on employee salaries and wages, and the number of state employees has grown by ten percent since 2006 alone. Even at the local level, city, county, and special district employees place a significant financial burden on local taxpayers and their retirement systems. Lowering these workforce costs over the long term will be a critical part of protecting the fiscal health of the state.

The Public Sector Reform Task Force will develop state and local-level workforce reforms that will ensure that taxpayers achieve value for their investment in the public sector, while public employees receive competitive remuneration for their service to the state and local jurisdictions.