Local Government

Local Government Task Force

The Local Government Task Force will study the relationship between the state and units of local government, such as cities, counties, and special districts. There is a clear parallel between the dynamics of state-federal relations and state-local relations, particularly with regard to the concept of self-governance. While the state undoubtedly has the constitutional authority to regulate its political subdivisions, a substantial philosophical inconsistency is created when the state pushes back against the overreach of the federal government while simultaneously regulating the ability of political subdivisions to levy taxes, conduct labor relations, issue debt, govern land use, and engage in other policies such as utilizing red light cameras, or banning smoking in public places.

The Local Government Task Force will focus on whether attempting to enforce a conservative governing philosophy at the local level overrides concerns for self-governance and local control, and will develop policy recommendations aimed at establishing a consistent approach to the relationship between the state and local governments.