Health & Human Services

Health & Human Services Task Force

The current growth of health and human services programs is unsustainable and risks the future fiscal health of the state. As health care policy is debated at the federal level, and as failed examples of public health care options are increasingly brought to light, the TCCRI Health & Human Services Task Force will develop policy proposals aimed at creating a more streamlined health and human services agency that provides better services to a limited group of well-defined beneficiaries through a modernized and more functional eligibility determination system.

The Health & Human Services Task Force will consider the governance of HHSC, potential reductions that will modernize the agency, and ways to deliver improved services. Additionally, the impact of federal health care policy proposals that will increase government’s role must be weighed carefully.

The Task Force will consider the lessons learned from the 2003 reforms of the Health and Human Services Commission, and will review what the Health & Human Services Commission has and has not accomplished, including outsourcing efforts and other legislative directives that have never been implemented.

Additionally, the Task Force will determine policy reforms for the Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs, and will consider the eligibility determination process that has been subject to much debate. The Task Force will develop and recommend CHIP and Medicaid policies to lower costs, decrease fraud, and improve quality of care to current beneficiaries.