2005-2006 Task Forces

TCCRI Task Forces

The Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute’s Task Forces are the backbone of the Institute’s research and education efforts. Based on the conservative principles of Limited Government, Individual Liberty, Free Enterprise, and Traditional Values, the Task Forces develop legislative leaders and sound public policy ideas by bringing together legislators, experts, industry leaders, and other stakeholders in a unique forum that fosters discussion and debate among public and private sector leaders.

The 82nd Legislature was a successful one for conservatives: the state budget was balanced without raising taxes, the legislature took steps to limit the intrusion of the federal government in Texas, strict voter identification legislation was enacted, and landmark “loser pays” tort reform will help prevent frivolous lawsuits. These and other conservative successes of the 82nd Legislature pave the way for another fruitful interim during which policymakers must prepare themselves for the challenges that will be presented when the 83rd Legislature convenes in January 2013.

Against this backdrop, TCCRI will convene issue-specific Task Forces during the 2011-12 interim to bring legislators and private sector leaders together in order to address the challenges that lie ahead.